Don’t Take that Flight.Leaving in a Different Light

I’m preparing to leave Tel Aviv tonight, and I’m not ready to take my flight. I know I’ll be back, but at least on the plane I have a groovy playlist and a brand-new good read (“The Promise of Israel”) about a really old conflict in a brand new light. Out with the old and in with the new.

Rooftop of the Austrian Hospice, Old City, Jerusalem

If you have never laid eyes on the sun kissed holy land, enjoy Yaron’s video as I prepare to take/or not take my flight.

writer for “The Jerusalem Post”

I was going to meet up with Daniel Gordis in Jerusalem last Shabbat, but the flu and other contingencies precluded that happening, so we’ll be crossing paths in the states instead. There’s still a lot of questions, but at least I have a 26 hour travel day to mule them over before we meet.

What about you?

Check it out,

Latest Release!


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