Let’s Get Moving!

Mac Pier, president and visionary leader of The NYCLC and author of Consequential Leadership (InterVarsity Press 2012), said, “A ‘gospel movement’ is considered to be happening when the Christian population is growing faster than the general population in a city and/or region. We believe Movement Day can help make that happen by convening powerful ministry and community leaders to share innovative ideas and best practices and to advance collaborative partnerships across business sectors within multiple cities. The Apostle Paul set the pattern for us, because he most often went to the largest cities of his day to preach and teach. By following his example and delivering the same message of Christ as Paul did, we can transform the spiritual and social culture of U.S. cities and beyond.”

The Movement Day Congress is being hosted and designed by The NYCLC with Redeemer City to City and American Bible Society, along with 20 national and local Christian organizations.


Movement Day is a leadership development initiative of The New York City Leadership Center founded by Dr. Mac Pier. Their vision is to become a model of Christian leaders impacting the spiritual and social climate of an urban center. Their mission is to exponentially increase the leadership effectiveness of ministry and marketplace leaders. Visit their website at www.NYCLeadership.com.

Movement Day NYC 2012

Hilton New York

Thursday, September 27, 2012

8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.




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