Q & A with Wayne E. Nance

Author of The 3-Minute Difference:

ALTER Your Health, Money, and Relationships without Changing Who You Are

Q: In your book,you say that we can ALTER our core beliefs and attitudes by following five proven steps. What are those five steps?

A: Based upon the research I have done, I am convinced that if you alter an attitude, then you can change behavior. Attitudes are altered and behaviors are changed. Attitudes are developed by the age of six years. Attitudes are the combination of God’s hard wiring and the soft wiring that results from parental and other social influences during the first six years of life.

The five steps are related to the acronym A-L-T-E-R:

A = Awareness. Become aware of your attitude – the natural, inborn hardwiring and soft wiring that drives your beliefs and behavior.

L = Learn. Learn as much as you can about the wiring which is at the core of your attitude, and how it impacts your beliefs and ultimately, life choices.

T = Tactical plan.  Customize a specific plan that will address the issues that you need to work on in your life. One size does not fit all.

E = Execute the plan. Execute and start working now on a daily plan of action for 91 days to improve your life. Stop talking about it, stop thinking about it and just walk the walk.

R = Re-evaluate.  Every 91 days for one year, reevaluate your progress and adjust your goals to continue on your journey to self-improvement. As Wayne says, “Don’t eat the elephant in one bite.”

Q: You are the founder and CEO of a company called Real Life Management, Inc. What is the goal of your company? What are you ultimately trying to achieve?

A: My favorite statement is that our goal is to provide education that we did not learn at home, school or at church. Financial, relationship, and health issues are the biggest areas of struggle that families throughout the world must overcome. We must put a stop to the devastation in these areas. Consider these alarming statistics.

  • 56% of our families divorce
  • 85% of Americans are broke by retirement age
  • 67% of adults and children are obese

We know why these issues are so devastating to families, and we will show them what to do about it. If we can correct destructive life choices, these stats will improve and families will be empowered to take control of their lives. The key is for individuals to decide they are sick and tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. Then, progress starts.

For more information and to take the 3 Minute Survey visit www.reallifeattitude.com



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