Teens Find Rock Solid Hope for Their Futures

New NIV edition points to Christ as the rock solid foundation of our faith and provides Christian teens firm traction in a slippery world

Teenagers today admit that they are feeling uncertain and insecure about their lives, the world, and their futures. They are sincerely looking for something solid to hold on to in these turbulent times. They really want to know more about God, but they don’t know where to find it. How can they be sure that what they read is true? There is often conflicting information from sources which can cause confusion and even despair.

To address these important issues for teens and to provide traction for their beliefs and promises for their futures, Zondervan created the Rock Solid Faith Study Bible for Teens.This innovative edition of the New International Version helps teens face their questions head on and build a steadfast foundation for their faith. With the Rock Solid Bible,teens discover constant and concrete truths rooted in the unchanging love, guidance, and promises of God.

This all-new Bible features the complete NIV text, as well as other insightful and informative inserts such as:

  • Rock Solid Truths that examine Christian beliefs and explorations of other religions;
  • Rock Solid Principlesthat apply the Bible to relationships, sex, money, and more;
  • Rock Solid Promises that call out what is (and is not) promised in the Scriptures;
  • Rock Solid Plans that explore God’s plan for daily life;
  • Unshaken People that provide scriptural examples of overcoming challenges; and
  • Unshaken God that points out God’s amazing and unyielding attributes.

In addition, readers will find easy to understand apologetics, reading plans, eight pages of full-color maps, Bible book introductions, and many other insightful features to help teens grapple with big questions about the world, their futures, and their faith.

Scheduled to release in August 2012, Zondervan plans to provide the Rock Solid Faith Study Bible for Teens in three printed formats—a hardcover ($29.99) and two Italian duo-tone designs with cool printed page edges ($44.99)—as well as an ebook version ($14.99). It’s the perfect gift for every teen whose heart and life needs reassurance in the midst of our disturbing times.

You can find the Rock Solid Faith Study Bible for Teens at your favorite bookstore or at Zondervan.com.

Rock Solid Faith Study Bible for Teens

Zondervan 2012

978-031-0723-302 • $29.99 Hardcover • 11.1 x 6.1 x 1.1 • 1,664 Pages

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