Natural Chance ——> Personal Creator

New reference book showcases flaws in the argument for evolution.

Are we children of the Most High God or the result of an evolutionary throw of the dice? It is a question scientists and theologians have been asking and debating since before Darwin publicly postulated his theory of evolution. And even though the evolution theory has been denounced by much of the scientific community in recent years, it is still being routinely taught in schools and the number of respected evangelical leaders who have felt pressured to surrender to the scientific community has continued to rise. Now, thanks to 40 years of meticulous research by noted author and researcher Carl W. Wilson, those seeking a reasonable response to evolutionist arguments will be able to find one in, True Enlightenment, Volume One: From Natural Chance to Personal Creator (Andragathia Ministries, 2011). With tireless devotion to detail, Wilson steps into the role of science history reporter, delving through the outer layer of 1,500 years of scientific theory to expose the bias encased within.

Carl W. Wilson and wife at ICRS 12′ Orlando

An excellent reference with well-documented resources, True Enlightenment examines the theories developed in areas of science ranging from carbon dating to tectonic plates and everything in between. With careful documentation and over 1,000 footnotes, Wilson reveals the true story of science, exposing the weaknesses caused by any number of theory-defying events and presenting facts supporting biblical creation. Although scientists may ignore mounting evidence, Wilson makes no exceptions, presenting the broader picture and telling the story in such a way that the frailties and errors of scientific thought are easily exposed.

Personal Creator

President and C.E.O of Andragathia Ministries, a non-profit organization devoted to the promotion of spiritual growth, Wilson is a retired minister and the author of numerous books on the Christian walk. With degrees in both biology and chemistry from Maryville College, he is certainly no stranger to science. His interest in documenting the bias in scientific theory began after he realized the entire history of man had been rewritten based solely upon evolutionary theory. It is his hope that True Enlightenment might prove to be an aid in helping Christian leaders boldly proclaim Christ as the sovereign Creator, knowing the grace of Christ’s kingdom will triumph over lies and opposition to His glory.

True Enlightenment

Volume One:From Natural Chance to Personal Creator

by Carl W. Wilson

Andragathia Ministries /2011

ISBN: 9780966818130/622 pages/hardback/$45.00

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