Living fearless in the aftermath of the Colorado theater Shooting

Author and Pastor Wallace Henley comments on the Colorado movie theater tragedy . Click here for the full article.

There is no question that we live in an unstable world. In his article Wallace Henley comments on the recent Aurora, CO movie theater shooting:

Gotham is a virtual world that sprang into horrid actuality as alleged shooter James Holmes gave flesh and breath to his avatar, the Joker. Read more at

Wallace Henley is no stranger to catastrophes and hard times. Henley uses a term he created—“globequake”—to describe those times when our world is shaken to its core. Born just two days before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Henley has spent the better part of his life developing a keen understanding of a crisis-ridden world. As a young journalist, he won awards for his reporting as he chronicled the civil rights movement in Birmingham. Later, he served in the White House during the troubled Nixon administration. In the time since, serving as a speaker, author, leadership consultant and pastor, he has traveled around the world and quickly confesses that the current world turmoil surpasses any he has previously witnessed.

“We have no reason to fear.”

The economic crisis that rocked America beginning in 2008 has gone global and continues unabated. In the past decade alone, the number of natural disasters has increased sixtyfold, while famine rages in some countries and war ravages others. Regimes teeter on the brink while others topple. 2011 saw riots breaking out in the Middle East and Europe and the Occupy Wall Street Movement in American cities, which, in 2012, saw a rise in racial tensions. On top of that, the threat of nuclear war remains an ever present concern. To even the most casual observer, the world around us has become a global stress test, and each day more of us are losing all hope of passing.

Henley notes, “I see the impact on people daily. I’ve talked with hundreds of hurting, confused and distressed people. In recent years, however, the needs have deepened, bewilderment has intensified and the problems have become much more complex.”

As an adventurous traveler, Wallace takes his fearless worldview with him through a fearful world.

Despite these observations, he stresses that we have no reason for fear. Throughout the pages of Globequake, Henley presents a compelling argument that what we are experiencing is truly an invitation to renew our faith as never before. Insisting that we are seeing a shift taking place within what he calls the six core spheres of society (person, church, family, education, government and business), he extensively details how the present globequake has struck hard in each of these areas and what we must do if we are to hope for constructive change. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Like building Rome, it didn’t happen in a day and it can get your hands dirty and your back bent.

Wallace said “I do” to the love of his life on Sept. 4, 1961 and has loved with integrity ever since-especially when life is hardest.

“It is about the gritty task of being people of integrity,” he explains, “raising strong families, educating children with truth rather than cultural propaganda, electing principled governments and building companies that succeed and endure despite the constant changes in the marketplace.”

“Having worked in government and the church, Wallace Henley understands that our government cannot experience healing unless its people are healed first. Globequake looks at current events and puts them in the context of the larger prophetic picture…. Globequake reminds us of the only road ‘home.’” 

-Cal Thomas, Syndicated and USA Today Columnist/Fox News Contributor

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Wallace Henley serves as assistant pastor in the 56,000 member Second Baptist Church of Houston, led by Ed Young and is a columnist for Christian Post. He and his wife of over 50 years, Irene, live in the Houston area.

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