Finding God-Even While Hunting

Larry Moyer shares personal story and churches reach community with the Gospel

Through a powerful weekend adventure called The Wild Game Feast (WGF)—a unique and energetic evangelistic outreach weekend for hunters conducted by EvanTell—Christians become better equipped to share the Gospel. Dr. Larry Moyer, founder and CEO of EvanTell, believes this should be easy, not difficult. “Simple message. Simple training. Simple results.” For EvanTell, that mission has been highly successful for almost forty years, and one of the most dynamic outreach events they sponsor is The Wild Game Feast.

Dr. Larry Moyer came to Christ through the great outdoors. Now by sharing that life-changing encounter, he teaches others how to find God through the same experience. At the WGF, Larry gives a presentation of his dramatic hunting experiences and then his personal testimony entitled “Hunting Wildlife and Finding God.”

Normally, at least 50 percent of those attending the WGF are non-Christians, but some feasts have had as high as 60-80 percent. Larry’s Sunday morning service at WGF is an evangelistic message for non-Christians, and the results are exciting. One Michigan church leader said, “We’ve never had such a high proportion of non-Christians in attendance at an [outreach] event.”

R. Don Barrett, executive director at Camp Pearl Ministries in Reeves, Louisiana said, “Louisiana is known as ‘Sportsman’s Paradise.’ When I was made aware of EvanTell‘s interest in The Wild Game Feast to share the clear gospel message, it piqued my interest. I was overwhelmed with the response of 550 people who packed our gym! Larry had no trouble keeping the interest of the hunters as the pictures showed proof that he was ‘one of them’. The gospel was presented clearly, and we rejoiced with 42 people trusting Jesus that night! We are already making next year’s plans!”

According to EvanTell, you can make this event as large as you prefer with dinner, displays, seminars and other features. The only limiting factor is the size of the venue. Hunters bring their mounts, and taxidermists set up displays. The Feast is an excellent opportunity for your church to interact with the community because businesses are willing to sponsor and donate door prizes. The response has been phenomenal.

After the event, Moyer also does a one-hour workshop entitled “What’s So Scary about Evangelism and How Do You Overcome Those Fears?” He addresses the four fears Christians have about evangelism and how to conquer them. Larry says “Anyone who has been through EvanTell’s training knows that people leave with a revitalized understanding of the gospel, a new confidence in their ability to share the gospel and an excitement about their role in God’s plan to share the good news of Jesus Christ.”

For more information about hosting a Wild Game Feast or to schedule a WGF event,
go to or call (800) 947-7359.


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