Resonate Film Festival at International Christian Retail Show Spotlights New and Upcoming Faith and Family Film Releases

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – The Resonate Film Festival at the International Christian Retail Show features previews and premieres of new faith-based and family-friendly films, and an inaugural awards program to recognize top films.

“The festival is a celebration of creativity that aims to reach the culture with thought-provoking, redemptive messages,” said Curtis Riskey, CBA executive director. “These films have the ability to reach people where they are, inspire them, and to see Christ reflected in a relevant way.”

CBA and Propeller consulting of Nashville cooperatively developed Resonate to highlight new Christian media available through theatrical release and Christian stores.

Bob Elder, Propeller executive VP and COO EVP/COO, said, “Propeller is pleased to partner with CBA on creating Resonate Film Festival. The growth of the Christian film category over the last decade is astounding, and this opportunity for retailers to get a first look at new films from emerging filmmakers should not be missed. We hope the festival helps retailers better integrate film in their stores, better serve their customers, and ultimately advance the Gospel.”

Ted Baehr, founder and president of The MovieGuide, annually reports on faith- and family-friendly films to the entertainment industry, and continually confirms spiritually uplifting movies with Christian, biblical values supporting ethical monotheism are most popular at the box office and on DVD.

“Great movies are great stories well told, have a positive worldview, and are morally or spiritually inspiring,” Baehr said in a recent blog post.

Among screenings during the festival are the story of evangelist and teacher Josh McDowell’s traumatic early childhood, Undaunted, The Early Life of Josh McDowell; the latest VeggieTales release, League of Incredible Vegetables; and feature-film premieres including, Journey to Jamas from Michael Landon Jr. and World Vision; and Home Run The Movie.

Reality-TV producer Mark Burnett and Roma Downey will introduce a 10-hour History Channel series on The Bible that will make it’s way to a retail DVD package, and Pure Flix and the Newsboys will announce a feature-length drama during a festival concert Monday night.

The festival also offers insider looks at film projects coming to or releasing on DVD.


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