Walk His Trail: Behind the Scenes Part 2

Bill Oechsler shares “the gift of story” behind a program conceived, designed, and produced specifically for pastors.

Q. Why is it important for pastors to present the Walk His Trail Movie Message Series at this time?

A. While the story may be more than half a century old, it continues to positively impact individuals, families and communities. The Walk His Trail Movie Message Series can align with ministerial programs, cut across cultures and generations and reach out beyond the church to those in the surrounding communities. It’s a way of helping congregations experience this true and incredibly inspirational story in a new way and, perhaps, for the first time. Of course, the real impact of this program will be realized in the teaching and preaching experiences at the local church level.

Q. Does the Walk His Trail Movie Message Series stand alone, or are other resources required?

A. Designed specifically for pastors as a teaching/preaching resource, the Walk His Trail program contains three-parts that can stand alone or work as a complete “movie message” series. Creative and archival assets from the making of the feature film and two documentaries help illustrate and dramatize essential biblically based themes and messages. Of course, we expect some will be drawn to learn more about and dig deeper into the story. For them, there are our three films, assorted videos, books, journals and much more.

Q. What would you personally like people to take away after experiencing the Walk His Trail Movie Message Series?

A. While on a mission trip in the mid-1980s, I met a woman who recounted an amazing story of her life in the Amazon jungle living with the tribe who had killed her brother. Her name was Rachel Saint. Some 20 years later, the ad agency where I worked helped to launch Beyond the Gates of Splendor and End of the Spear. Now, a year ago, I was part of launching The Grandfathers here at EGM. And just recently I accompanied Steve Saint and his son, Jaime, on the Walk His Trail UK Tour. After almost 30 years, the story continues to challenge, inspire and encourage me. I simply desire the same for others.

This may be used with permission, credit given to EthnoGraphic Media 2012 www.egm.org


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