Bring it Back

Are you overweight, broke, or headed for divorce?

Even one of these problems can be personally devastating. What if you’re facing all three-

at once?

Three Minutes Can Put You Back in Control of Your Life

Take the 3-Minute Survey on

Meet author and “edutainer” Wayne Nance. His personal journey uncovered a proven solution—a solution that can alter your health, money, and relationships in only three minutes.

“At age twenty-nine,” says Nance, “I weighed 305 pounds, smoked incessantly, was financially crippled with $40,000 in credit card debt, and was facing divorce. I was a card-carrying workaholic, sacrificing my family for fortune. My cardiologist said, ‘Wayne, at this rate, you won’t see forty.’ Soon after that, I got a shocking wake-up call from reality.”

In The 3-Minute Difference, Nance describes his journey back from the ragged edge of reality to a healthy, productive life. Through personal experiences, twenty-five years of research and development along with life training coaches, Wayne has been there, done that and understand why we struggle with weight, money and relationships. During this time, he spent eight years traveling the country with a clinical stress psychologist, a sports nutritionist, and a personality therapist studying what motivates people in their physical, financial, and personal choices. Wayne discovered that being overweight, in debt, and in failing relationships were all interrelated and emotionally based.

Over time, Wayne altered his core attitudes and beliefs, resulting in his losing more than one hundred pounds, eliminating his credit card debt, and rescuing his relationships with his wife, Shannon, and their three daughters. As a result, he became passionate about devoting his life to educating individuals, families and companies about these imperative life issues.

By taking a simple 3-minute survey online, you can discover your personal “life pattern”—the key to your core attitudes and the basis for creating permanent alterations in your life. This is NOT a personality test. This is your core attitude which has been established by the age of 6. Scientifically developed and proven 88% accurate, the survey is quick and easy, but the results are eye-opening and revealing.

Tom Ziglar, president and CEO of the Ziglar Corporation talks about The 3-Minute Difference: “Zig Ziglar says, ‘Your attitude, not your aptitude, determines your altitude in life.’ The 3-Minute Difference is a fantastic book that hits the attitude nail on the head and is perfect for people who want more success in their personal, family, business, and spiritual lives. The three-minute survey helps you pinpoint the attitude you have while the book gives you a specific game plan on how you can take control of your attitude, eliminate the negatives, and start achieving more of the things you want. The 3-Minute Difference shows you where to start and then gives you a plan on how to get there.”


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