Walk His Trail: Behind the Scenes Part 1

 Bill Oechsler shares “the gift of story” behind a program conceived, designed, and produced specifically for pastors.

Q. What led to the creation of the Walk His Trail Movie Message Series?

A. The Walk His Trail Movie Message Series was inspired by the true story of five American missionaries speared to death in the Amazon jungle in 1956. We captured the fullness of this transformative story in three films, Beyond the Gates of SplendorEnd of the Spear and The Grandfathers. Our desire is to freely share this incredible story with as many people as possible. We also want to serve pastors by gifting them with a unique teaching and preaching resource based on the story. Finally, we hope that the themes and messages will have a meaningful, lasting impact on those experiencing it.

Q. You are sending pastors a teaching and preaching resource that includes elements from three of your films. Why not just make the films available for event screenings and DVD sales?  

A. The Walk His Trail Movie Message Series explores the themes of sacrifice, reconciliation and heritage. These are especially relevant to biblical teaching and inspirational preaching. It’s really an excellent resource for pastors to share this remarkable story with their congregations and communities. Using Steve Saint as the first person narrator throughout the series only strengthens its meaning and significance.

Q. How exactly is the Walk His Trail Movie Message Series being distributed?

A. We plan to mail a free copy of the DVD-based program to 50,000 pastors in the United States. Again, there is absolutely no cost to these 50,000 U.S. pastors.

Q. How can you give 50,000 copies of the program away at no cost?

A. As an educational nonprofit, EthnoGraphic Media relies on the contributions, underwriting and sponsorships of others. A generous donation made the Walk His Trail Movie Message Series possible. The donor—who wishes to remain anonymous—was inspired by the story and wanted to ensure others could to experience it for themselves.This may be used with permission, credit given to EthnoGraphic Media 2012 www.egm.org

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