Meet Leonida

“The Last Hunger Season” tells the story of an African farm community on the brink of change. Meet Leonida, and hear her challenges, hopes, and peace in the middle of her fears. For more info, click here.

Meet Leonida

A woman of many stories with laughter in the face of fears.

Supremely spiritual, Leonida Wanyama has embarked on a journey of deliverance, a 21st century exodus.  To go, as she says, from the misery of life on an African farm to the land of milk and honey.  For her, that land is one in which she can afford the school fees for all of her children, to get the best education they can, and to be able to feed her family throughout the year.  She shoulders the burden alone, for her husband was weakened by a traffic accident many years ago.  For all her tribulations, she is quick to laugh and eager to tell the story of Africa’s farmers.

Photos from Home:


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