Take 5 in 3-2-1…

Running out of time for change? Here’s five steps to change your life. Oh, and it only takes 3 mins.

The 3-Minute Difference is about more than just weight, money, and marriage. With the five insightful steps Nance offers for ALTERing your attitude, you can apply these principles to any area of your life that is out of control:

A = Awareness. Become aware of your attitude, the natural, inborn hardwiring and soft wiring that drives your beliefs and behavior.

L = Learn. Learn as much as you can about your wiring which is at the core of your attitude, and how it impacts your beliefs and ultimately life choices.

T = Tactical plan.  Customize a specific plan that will address the issues that you need to work on in your life. One size does not fit all.

E = Execute the plan. Execute and start working now on a daily plan of action for 91 days to improve your life. Stop talking about it, stop thinking about it and just walk the walk.

R = Re-evaluate.  Every 91 days for one year reevaluate your progress and adjust your goals to continue on your journey to self-improvement. As Wayne says, “Don’t eat the elephant in one bite.”

The 3-Minute Survey will help you understand how your needs and the needs of others can be in conflict as well as provide insight into conflict resolution. Remember that attitude awareness is a powerful thing.  

-Wayne Nance   

Swatch Switch

Swatch time running out? Switch strategies, in just 3 minutes.

Nance thoroughly explores each of these vital areas, defining and explaining them in detailReaders will come away with surprising, perhaps first-time-ever insight into their own core attitudes, and how it impacts their beliefs and choices. The 3 Minute Survey is a valuable tool to use in improving life in the areas of finances, relationships and health. We can achieve our life goals. We can correct destructive life patterns.

Click here to receive a complimentary survey code and one page summary report.

Wayne Nance will be at ICRS and available for interviews July 16. Please contact Diane, dmorrow@tbbmedia.com


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